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Professional Limousine Services

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Private Car Mercedes Benz (S320L)
Coach-On-Hire for 4 hours
(Min. 4hrs, inclusive driver tips)


Professional Coach Services

20-28 Seaters

Deluxe 23 Seaters

45 Seaters

60 Seaters

Route (One-Way) 24/28 Seaters 45 Seaters 60 Seaters
Airport – Hotel in Kowloon $1,000up $1,300up $1,320up
Airport – Hotel in HK
Island(Urban Area)
$1,150up $1,450up $1,470up
Airport – Hotel in HK
$1,200up $1,500up $1,520up

* The above price includes toll fee and drivers fee
* 20-28 Seaters no lugguage compartment, deluxe 23, 45 and 60 Seaters have lugguage compartment.

Coach-On-Hire per hour
(Min. 3 hrs, inclusive)
$480up $550up $590up

* * Rental between 11:00pm to 6:00am, 25% more for overtime charges
* All Coach and Car renting service for Sightseeing must have a tour guide or anyone who can speak cantonese

Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport Shuttle Booking Hotel with us Normal price
One Way Transfer from Airport to
Kowloon Side Hotel
$88up $98up
One Way Transfer from Airport to
Hong Kong Side Hotel
$98up $1,08up

Due to the massive needs of transportation, Any Tours is able to provide car rental, wedding car rental, limousine services, airport transfer, shuttle bus service, coach rental, cross boarder coach or car or limousine rental for Hong Kong and Macau. In Hong Kong and Macau, there are different types of coaches and limousine services.

Coach rental for Hong Kong
There are 3 types of coaches that clients can choose
20 – 28 seats Coach
45 – 49 Seats Coach
60 seats Coach

Coach rental of Macau
9 Seats Van
21 Seats Coach
38 Seats Coach
45 Seats Coach

Limousine services for Hong Kong
For Hong Kong, there are 2 types of limousine services that people or companies usually book
Mercedez Benz S320 or Mercedez Benz S350
7 Seats Van (Toyota or Nissen)

For Macau, there are few types limousine services.
Limousine services for Macau
Mercedez Benz S320 or Mercedez Benz S350
7 Seats Van (Toyota or Nissen)
Limo Dodge Charger
Limo Dodge Charger 120 (Extra Long)