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Southern Xinjiang 8 Days Tour

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8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : 11 Oct 2023
Hong Kong
Tour Details
Southern Xinjiang Tour

Exploring the Beauty of Xinjiang: Golden Poplars, Vast Deserts, and the Exotic Charm of the Western Regions

[8-Day Tour: Journey through Southern Xinjiang, Unveiling Ancient Cities and Scenic Wonders]

Urumqi, Korla, Kucha, Turpan, Aksu, Taxkorgan, Kashgar…


Thoughtful Arrangements:
– For the outbound journey, a private car will take you from Kowloon Tong to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. For the return journey, a private car will take you from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport to Huanggang Port.

Smooth Itinerary:
– To save more than 20 hours of travel time, a domestic flight will be taken from Kashgar back to Urumqi.

Exciting Highlights:
– Tarim, the world’s largest poplar forest nature reserve.
– Bosten Lake, China’s largest inland lake (Dahuakou Scenic Area).
– The mysterious Rob Village, home to the Luoba people.
– Wensu Grand Canyon, known as the geological museum.
– Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves, the second largest Buddhist cave site in China after Dunhuang.
– Kashgar Ancient City, a national 5A-level scenic area known for its exotic charm.
– Taxkorgan County, located in the westernmost part of China on the Pamir Plateau, passing through the Sino-Pakistani border’s second-line border defense station (border permits will be arranged by our agency).

Departure Date Price per Adult Price does not include
11 Oct 2023 HK$12,990 up Tour Guide, Tour Leader, Driver Service fees


Price includes

  • Roundtrip Air Ticket from Hong Kong to Urumqi
  • 7 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Sightseeing Tour led by Tour Guide
  • Admission tickets listed on the Flyer
  • 12 Regular Meals + 7 Breakfast
  • Transfer between port and airport
  • Local Tour Bus

Price does not include

  • Airport Tax
  • Tour Guide, Tour Leader & Driver Tips
  • Visa Fees
  • Lugguage Overweight Fees
  • Personal Expenditure Fees
  • Travel Insurance
  • TIA Levy Fees
  • Service fees of Hotel, Airport or other transportation
  • Sightseeing items that are not listed on the flyeer
  • Extra Fees caused by traffic congestion/Strike/Typhoon or other incidents that cannot be controlled by our company

Day 1Kowloon Tong→Shenzhen International Airport→ Xinjiang

Day 1: Assembly at Kowloon Tong → Shenzhen International Airport (Reference flight: Shenzhen Airlines ZH9241 / 10:35-16:10) → Dinner “In-flight Meal” → Arrival at “The Land of Fruits” Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region → Check-in at the five-star Hualing Yagao Meijue Hotel or an equivalent five-star Hongfu Hotel.

Dinner:In-flight Meal

Day 2Bohu County→Dahekou Scenic Area→Kurla

Day 2: Hotel breakfast → Depart for Bohu County (approximately 6 hours by car, 385 km) → [Dahekou Scenic Area] Located on the northeast shore of Bosten Lake, the largest inland freshwater lake in China, with continuous sandy beaches, clear lake waters, and attractions such as Hongdie Valley, Silver Beach, Singing Sand Mountain, Niujiao Bird Island, Snow Mountain Divine Lake, and Buts Lake Grassland → Kurla (approximately 1.5 hours by car, 78 km) → Dinner → Check-in at Kurla Licheng Garden Hotel or an equivalent hotel.


Day 3Youtai→Tarim Hu Yang Forest National Forest Park→Kucha

Day 3: Hotel breakfast → Depart for Youtai (approximately 3 hours by car) → Lunch → Visit the Tarim Hu Yang Forest National Forest Park, which is the oldest, largest, and most primitive Populus euphratica forest reserve in the world [including admission ticket and a small train ride] (The Populus euphratica is an ancient tree species that dates back to the 3rd century AD. It is a plant that transformed due to desertification and is renowned for its preciousness, comparable to ginkgo. It is known as a living fossil) → Dinner → Proceed to the hotel in Kucha → Check-in at the four-star Kucha Hotel or an equivalent hotel.


Day 4Kucha Royal Mansion→Kucha Dano City→Kizilgaha Beacon→Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves→Aksu

Day 4: Hotel breakfast → Visit the Kucha Royal Mansion (In addition to the main mansion, there are three main exhibition halls inside: the Kizil Museum, the Kucha Royal Mansion Cultural Relics Museum, and the Kucha Folk Customs Museum) → Kucha Dano City (Witness the production of the largest Dano cake in Xinjiang and taste various types of Dano cakes) → Lunch → Kizilgaha Beacon (Learn about the historical battlefield of ancient border conflicts and the signaling fires) → Visit the “China’s Second Dunhuang,” Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves [including admission ticket] (Admire the thousand-year-old murals and learn about the life of the eminent monk Kumarajiva, Buddhism, and the culture of the ancient Kucha Kingdom) → Aksu (approximately 3.5 hours by car) → Dinner → Check-in at Aksu Guose Tianxiang Hotel or an equivalent hotel.


Day 5Wensu Grand Canyon → Kashgar → Id Kah Mosque

Day 5: Hotel breakfast → Visit the “Living Geological Evolution Museum of Xinjiang,” the Wensu Grand Canyon, located at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and composed of massive red-brown mountain formations. The locals call it Keziliya (meaning “red cliffs” in Uighur). It is the largest karst geological scenic area with rare ancient rock salt formations, unique Yadan landforms in western China, and gigantic karst erosion landscapes exclusive to China → Lunch → Depart for Kashgar (approximately 6 hours by car) → Visit the exterior of the Id Kah Mosque, built in 1442 AD, one of the most influential mosques in Central Asia and an important religious site in the Xinjiang region. It was also an important educational institution for spreading Islamic culture and nurturing talent in ancient times → [To travel to Taxkorgan, border permits need to be processed in Kashgar (processed on-site with a return home certificate)] → Dinner → Check-in at Kashgar Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel or an equivalent hotel → Participants can explore and experience the exotic atmosphere of Kashgar Old City on their own.


Day 6Karakul Lake → Oytagh Red Mountain→ Tashkorgan County→Pamir Scenic Area

Day 6: Hotel breakfast → Depart for Karakul Lake (approximately 3 hours by car) → Enjoy the picturesque Uighur countryside scenery along the way and experience the tranquility and leisure of the oasis on the edge of the desert → Along the way, admire the Oytagh Red Mountain, also known as the “Flaming Mountain of Southern Xinjiang,” the Bai Sha River, known as the “Flowing Sand River,” and the magnificent Brenkou Bai Sha Lake, a former ancient Silk Road post station → Take in the distant view of the Three Great Peaks (Gongger Peak, Gongger Jiubie Peak, and Muztagh Peak) (The majestic and towering Muztagh Peak (7546m), known as the “Father of Ice Mountains,” stands proudly on the Pamir Plateau with its perennial snow-capped summit. The Gongger Jiubie Mountain, also known as the “Gongger Jiubie Peak,” is the second highest peak in the Western Kunlun Mountains. Due to its year-round snow cover resembling a hat worn by herders, it is locally known as “Gongger Jiubie”) → Lunch → Proceed to Tashkorgan County, the westernmost border county in China (approximately 2.5 hours by car) → Explore the plateau paradise, Pamir Scenic Area, and admire the sunset over the Alarjin Grassland Wetland and the ancient Stone City ruins (If the weather is good, the sunset on the grassland is incredibly beautiful, making it a perfect spot for taking photos and creating memories) The Stone City is located on a small hill northeast of the county seat and is one of the important historical landmarks along the Silk Road. It is also a prominent cultural symbol of the Pamir Plateau → Dinner → Check-in at the quasi four-star Europa Garden Hotel in Tashkorgan or an equivalent hotel.


Day 7Kashgar → Kashgar Old City

Day 7: Hotel breakfast → Depart from the hotel at around 08:30 → Enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains, snow-capped peaks, grasslands, and lakes in Southern Xinjiang along the way → Return to Kashgar (approximately 5.5 hours by car) → Lunch → Around 16:00, visit the National AAAA-rated scenic area, Kashgar Old City (It is renowned as “If you haven’t been to Kashgar, you haven’t been to Xinjiang, and if you haven’t been to the Old City, you haven’t been to Kashgar.” Experience the tranquility and leisure of the ancient city, explore the unique architecture, and savor the local cuisine. You will find unexpected surprises here!) → Dinner [Self-arranged] → Special arrangement to stay at Kashgar Old City Meiju Hotel or an equivalent hotel (within a 5-10 minute walk from the Old City).


Day 8Kashgar→ Urumqi Airport→Shenzhen International Airport

Day 8: Hotel breakfast → Kashgar (Hainan Airlines HU7892/1055-1245) → Lunch [Self-arranged during the layover at Urumqi Airport] → Urumqi Airport (Consider flight Shenzhen Airlines ZH9242/1730-2310) → Shenzhen International Airport → Return to Hong Kong via Huanggang Port at your own convenience.